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May Asberry Davis President and Founder of Kare Village Youth Foundation she is a Realtor, Actor, Author and Motivational Speaker

Sandra Wineberry has been a board member since 2008. She has worked for the State for over 20 years, she has a degree in psychology and she is also a Case Manager.  Sandra is actively involved in her community and church.

Christina Andino has been a partner of KareVillage since the year 2010, through her positions in the Salt Lake City School District as a Community Education Group Leader at Franklin Elementary, and Coordinator at Bryant Middle School.  As a community education coordinator and social work major, Christina has served the community in various capacities as an intern at Salt Lake County Youth Services, National MS Society, Foster Club, University Neighborhood Partners Hartland, and Somali Community Self-Management Agency. 

Samantha Warren has been an advocate for basset hounds for over a decade and has been an assistant with Kare Village after school program for four years.

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